No words

I have no words on what’s happening at home. A forest guard set up the Gran Canaria south western forest on fire to protest against his job situation, smart move huh?. One of the most beautiful landscapes of my Island, lost. There is also another forest fire on Tenerife, the authorities suspect that it’s also intentional. This is the scary landscape:

Sadly, those are not clouds.

I cannot describe what I feel. Being away from home is making it even more strange. The saddest thing is that it was intentional, someone did it, someone wanted this to happen. Most times I’m faithful about the human kind, today is not one of those days.


3 thoughts on “No words

  1. Where I used to live the hills used to catch fire most summers. Someone did a research project and discovered that after a few years, the areas that got burnt grew back with even more diversity and life than before. Don’t be too depressed – give it a few years and it will start to grow back – maybe better than before 🙂


  2. @Nermal:
    Actually, the canary islands trees are extremmely resistive to fire. They just don’t die. However, lots of places have been destroyed, such as the Palmitos Park zoo, which is quite famous for its variety. Fortunately, the animals were freed before the fire got in.


  3. Ay, quĂ© lástima. That’s horrible. I hope there is minimal lasting damage. No matter how upset I was with my job, I cannot imagine harming living things or destroying landscape to protest. That fellow has anger management issues.


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