I’ve got a guitar, and I met God!

Pretty productive long weekend though, I had bank holidays yesterday and a friend of mine have visited me, so I showed her the city center, Grafton, Temple Bar et al.

On Sunday I finally found a music shop and, at last, after two months of abstinence since I moved to Ireland, I’ve got guitar again! It’s a Greg Bennet, I haven’t heard of that brand before, but I tried the guitar, and it was pretty solid and gentle. I also bought a pretty nice amp, small, but enough for my purposes.

Greg Bennet FB-1

Then, yesterday, since it stopped raning, we were able to go to St. Stephens Green and give a pleasant walk on Grafton Street while we attend some street musicians shows. Suddenly, I saw a black man, with a really familiar face to me. Oh my Morgan! It was Morgan Freeman! I told my friend, that I thought it was him, and she ran after him, trying not to be seen, and then, he realized (he’s god, he knows everything), and told her "Hi!", with a pretty funny smile from the other side of the street, like saying… "yes… it’s me…".

Pretty funny incident, isn’t it?

P.S. Sorry, no photos of the incident, you’ll need to trust me.


9 thoughts on “I’ve got a guitar, and I met God!

  1. “I saw a black man, with a really familiar face to me”
    That’s racist! You wouldn’t say “I saw a white man”, you’d just say “I saw a man”. Racism at it’s worst. I bet you don’t even know you’re doing it.


  2. It’s not racism great corn-trollio, it is a mechanism of describing a person that differs physically to the the describer. It is pretty much human nature, kids (who have not been steered in racist directions) do the same thing.


  3. Bob Bobson:
    Morgan Freeman is not just a man, you racist!
    And I think it is you who is a racist here, because you are seeing things out there as racism, even when they’re clearly not.
    Anyway, that’s sooo cool!!! 😀


  4. It is racist, because he is picking out black people and talking about them as if they’re different to everyone else.
    You said he was describing how he was different physically to the describer, but he didn’t say “I saw a man with white hair”, even though that is also a difference. However, he did mention that he was a black man, even though it has no relevance. Why is it special that he is black? Isn’t it just as special that he has white hair?


  5. @Bob,
    And could you explain what’s more unusual in Ireland? a man with white hair or black skin? what’s the offensive word? “black” or “man”? it’s just an inoffensive descriptive attribute, even if you insist in calling it racism! and anyways… He’s calling him “God”! quite racist, yeah… 😉


  6. The people who point out that something is rascist are just making it worse. All you do is add to the injury. Plus, that’s tending the symptoms instead of the cause – just moot and will not lead into results anyways.
    Nothing said is negative (or positive) unless if you interpret it as such.
    Morgan is teh cool, but I wouldn’t have made a number out of it.. He’s a bit worn and all too familiar already. I would have said “hi” to him if he went past me but that’s it. No running after him or stuff.


  7. No way! You got a guitar! I bet that music shop will be on the other side of the road next time you go there!
    Seriously, you must read Soul Music!
    Bob, I think I know this guy who writes this blog well enough to tell you that (1) he is not racist and (2) if you really try to offend then you will be disappointed because he will just ignore you 😛


  8. @miguev:
    My reading performance it’s been killed since I moved here, Hogfather still in the same state, page 54. I’ll try to get used to read again, then I’ll buy Soul Music in English. 🙂


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