My thoughts on project Indiana

Finally, the project Indiana has been proposed.

It is kind of sad the huge amount of poisonous feedback and noise around the discussion, the people that thinks that the project is not so important, should just let the people who believes in it just work instead of trying to stop them.

I think that a community driven with community goals distribution can solve lots of problems to the community and would make the whole project more pleasant for newcomers and people that want to use OpenSolaris for their own purposes. The only idea excites me and I cannot wait to find a way to help to find a place in the project to be helpful.


One thought on “My thoughts on project Indiana

  1. Getting Solaris to the desktop is a good idea. Having competition implies progress, cause one product won’t like to be lagging behind the others.
    This way both Solaris and Linux could earn. It will probably also help FreeBSD, but I still can’t think of it as a Desktop.
    Myself, I am a fan of Nexenta. Sticking only to one kernel is like eating everyday same crisps, only changing sauce. There are differences, but still the aftertaste is pretty the same.
    apt-get install solaris-5.11 would be cool 😉


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