QoTD: This is why

From one of the comments of my previous post:

I use Ubuntu in my job, but my boss uses Windows. Without your easy W32
PyGTK installer, I would not have been able to choose PyGTK+Kiwi to
build my latest project.

Next time someone tell me "who cares about Windows users they don’t care about us" I won’t bother anymore .


5 thoughts on “QoTD: This is why

  1. I think it is super great that you put effort in a windows installer for GTK+.
    When I think back to the time before I used Linux, I ran a lot of GTK+ apps, like Gajim, Gaim, Inkscape, Gimp and so on.
    And I was really thankful for all the people who made it possible that I could run such great apps on my computer.
    Thank You!


  2. Adding to that comment, i am a student finishing it’s graduation in Mechanical Engeneering. Fot that, i have to make a project related to computer vision for industries. In industrial environments, windows is currently the only tool. Using gtk and glade windows port (from gladewin32 project) i am able to develop to windows, on linux, and for linux.
    It is great to have this freedom. My take is to substitute some windows environment to reliable linux environments.
    so … keep the windows port always … it is crutial.


  3. I thought I’d chime in as well. As open source developers, we’re supposed to be good citizens and promote flexibility and freedom, unlike our closed-source brethren. It would be totally hypocritical to develop for only one platform, especially since we constantly complain about vendor lock-in. I think sometimes people in the Linux/BSD community forget that vendor lock-in can exist in free software as well.
    A big warm thankyou to you and everyone else working on making pygtk as seamless as possible on Mac OS X and Windows! It would be a serious loss to open source if development of these ports ever were abandoned.


  4. I use PyGTK at home on Linux, and PyQt at work on Win32. Whatever the relative merits of Qt and GTK+, PyGTK is far more Pythonic than PyQt, and I would rather be using it at work, too. I believe the only reason it isn’t is because when our project started, PyGTK on Windows was basically a no-go. So while you couldn’t save me, hopefully this work will enable us to save my successor. 🙂


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