Hello Planet OpenSolaris!

Our beloved Glynn has just added me to Planet OpenSolaris, thank you dude!

I’m Alberto Ruiz, 23yr old Spanish guy, moved to Dublin a month ago to work for Sun Microsystems in the SunRay team to give APOC,  the Sun’s Desktop Profile Manager, some love and bring it to the software freedom for the sake of the Unix desktops! Before that I’ve been working for two years on the Free Software Office, at my Universty, spreading the word of free software among students, teachers and helping the regional government of Canary Islands drive effective free software strategies and deployments.

I’ve been an active community member of the Gnome Desktop project for a couple of years now, mostly doing PyGTK stuff until a couple of months that I started to give love to others parts of the desktop and the platform. I’m also a Python fan. I love to work on free software projects that makes people’s life easier, and I love to make them even more accessible to "normal" people.

My involvement with OpenSolaris started last year on Guadec ’06 (thanks to alo!) when I saw ZFS working and realized that it solved most of my problems with my father’s backups and storage problems under Linux and I’ve been following the project very closely. Righ now I’m running Nexenta on top of a VMware on my laptop and Nevada build60 at my workstation at the office.

If you want to know more about me and my projects take a look at my older posts 🙂

During this month I’ve started to get involved with the Irish OpenSolaris User Group, which has let me to  give a talk on the last meeting about how to migrate from Linux to OpenSolaris, with some tips on networking and ZFS, check the slides. BTW Tim is doing a great job with the UG here.

Hope to be helpful in this community. Let’s make the whole open source world rock even more!


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