Tango and Gtk+ love

Tango love

Michal Pryc, is one of my co-workers/co-interns at Sun, and one of the first friends that I’ve made here. While Ian and his Indiana project solves the whole issue, Michal is providing a interesting approach to the package problem on OpenSolaris, jPack, a GUI to rule them all. Every package management system in Solaris can be now managed from an usable graphical interface. Great work Michal!

He asked me to create a logo for the project, and here we go, now, Java’s Duke knows how to dance Tango!

Obviously, jPack is written in Java

I had so much fun with it, that I decided to give even more tango love to the free world, every time I go to bugzilla.gnome.org, I found the geebee pet boring, so I’ve came up wit this idea:

Guess why the bug is dead?

Gtk+ on Win32 progress

I’ve done a successful build and it works! although, it is not full binary compatible with the current releases from gladewin32. bkor just gave me ftp access and fixed my svn account, so as soon as I fix a couple of things, I will start to release tarballs with the full tool chain. I’ve also updated the cross compiling Gtk+ page at the wiki.

I’m starting to take the .msi .msm windows installers approach really serious, however, I don’t have a Windows workstation to work with but I’m taking a look at the wix documentation, and they don’t seem to support post install commands exec and enviroment variables, which are mandatory to get Gtk+ working on windows, anyway, I need to look further into it. If anyone has some experience with it already, let me know.

PyGTK’s Gajim and IconView test working with my binaries not-so-out-of-the-box. Yay!

I’ve received lots of positive input on this work, so I think that Gtk+ needs some love on Windows after all, despite some people that think we shouldn’t care about Windows users. The only way to go 10×10, is getting closer to them, and 90% of them are on the dark side, we don’t lose anything trying to bring some freedom for them without the need of setup a Linux installation.

On the other hand, more developers would take Gtk+ as an option if it’s cross platform enough, Imendio guys are also working hard on the Mac world. With some effort Gtk+ and Gnome are very close to be everywhere.

Update: Please, notice that bugs.gnome.org is just an alias and I used it because is the domain that I usually do. The official url for Gnome’s bugzilla is http://bugzilla.gnome.org.


8 thoughts on “Tango and Gtk+ love

  1. You are better off using bugzilla.gnome.org for cookie and related reasons. Not bothered at all what you personally use, but “public adverts” should use bugzilla.gnome.org rather than bugs.gnome.org 🙂


  2. Hi,
    I love your new Bugzilla logo =)
    I have been thinking about this since last Bug Hunt Day. Would it be a good idea to have a frog as logo for the next Bug Hunt Day? I mean; What other animal takes out more bugs than frogs? =)
    Lots of love,


  3. It seems trivial to do post-install actions in wix using a CustomAction and Environment for writing environment strings.
    The tutorial is recommended.


  4. The bugzilla logo is *excellent*! It made me laugh, and it’s very dynamic (squashing bugs isn’t for the lazy 🙂 ).
    I don’t know who you’d talk with, but I hope the bugzilla team would seriously consider it if you submitted it.


  5. Jpack looks like it will be awesome!
    Btw, you can download a free legal trial version of Server 2003 from Microsoft. It’s otherwise complete but self destructs after certain amount of days (90 or 180 or something like that). You can set it up on VMware host to be able to test the .msi’s. You can even create a small ad domain with couple clients and try to mass deploy the software with your own policy 🙂


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