Mom, I’ll miss your food :(

So, at last, I’m at Dublin. I get here the last Saturday, and I’ve been arranging some stuff to get used to the place and the language.

Although I don’t start until next Monday, I’ve been going to Sun offices to met alo, who’s spending some days here.

Last Tuesday I attended the seventh Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting where I met Tim Foster, from the ZFS fame and Fintan Ryan from the Sun’s performance team.

Tim's toyFintan getting ready

The next couple of days I’ve been at the office mostly, since my internet connection at the B&B goes down sometimes and I need to arrange some things. People here are really nice and I think I’m going to enjoy this place and this work, as the days goes, I’m more convinced that I did a good decision moving here from home.

Michal and meSun RaySilent bob at my desk

As you can guess from the title, I’m not enjoying the food that much here most places are quite expensive and food is not as good as I’m used to. However, food at Sun’s canteen is much better than the average out there so I think I won’t suffer that much.


I broke my laptop’s gentoo installation trying to install ubuntu, I though lastest kernels wouldn’t have troubles with my laptop. I was wrong, lastest kernels are not working on my Sony VAIO VGN S5M, there are problems with SATA drivers. I will try to set up an ubuntu installation with vmware using the physical disc, but I would like to spend more time meeting the city and stuff like that rather than fixing kernel stuff. Also, I have some patches pending on my bugzilla account and I’m not able to finish them since I haven’t any sane jhbuild installation around. Grrr.

More soon, stay tuned.

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