My first Cherokee patch commited!

It’s official, now I’m a Cherokee contributor.

Cherokee is a lightweight but powerful web server, easy to install and configure and very flexible. I got interested in it for alo, its main developer and project leader (and good friend though ;-).

I have created the software installer icon, until my patch it was using the default NSIS‘s (the Windows installer builder tool) installer icon, which is very ugly IMHO.

I have another patch in pending state for the windows build.



Next step: Cherokee’s Administration Interface.


2 thoughts on “My first Cherokee patch commited!

  1. Using text in a graphic sort of goes against the idea of a picture being worth a thousand words! More importantly Cherokee does have a cute cartoon character and perhaps his head could be used as an even better icon?
    Many other projects make use of NSIS, Abiword has used it for years, so you might see features you would like to make use of in the cherokee installer too.


  2. @Alan
    You’re alright. The problem is on 16×16 resolution, the cartoon’s face is almost unrecognizable and I don’t wanted to make a big change from the original icon. I would like to improve it on the future.
    BTW, thanks for your comment.


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