Lastest Things

I’ve been very busy last weeks, so I’ll summarize what have been happening around.

A couple of weeks ago went to Madrid to attend the II GNOME Developers Meeting on Universidad Rey Juan Carlos where I gave a talk about integration between GNOME and the Web 2.0. There was some interesting talks, among them, garnacho spoke about the new stuff that will come with Gtk 2.10, KaL showed the use of valgrind for memory profiling to reach a more performant desktop.

Here is my presentation both spanish and english:

Thursday was IV Jornada de Software Libre of Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, organized by the ULPGC’s  Free Software Office where I’m actually working on.

Talks were given by Richard Dale from Ruby-QT and KDE which was called ‘Software Libre is Inevitable’, very interesting though, Alberto Barrionuevo from FFII talked about open standards and OpenDocument, then Borja Prieto talked about the free culture and free contents world and finally Enrique Dans talked about blogs and the new free revolution.

I’ll blog about some projects I’m working on on future posts.


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