Hi there, I’ve just arrived from the II OSWC at Málaga, it was a very interesting experience since I had the opportunity of met very interesting people.

I went with Gonzalo from Foton Sistemas Inteligentes and Jose Luis

The first day I participated on the Spanish university meeting, where we had a very good discussion. We are about to share all our projects and work using the infrastructure provided by RedIris.

I attended some interesting talks, among them the most interesting are the PyPy project and the talk given by Quim Gil about the new society model proposed by the free software and how close it is from the first days of catolicism, as an analogy on how they handled the guerrilla spreading.

I met some interesting guys from KDE project, I talked with them to share some thougs about the things that I’m doing right now on Gnome, one of the most interesting guys was the one behind Get Hot New Stuff and KNewStuff, a project  which tries to stablish a standard xml definition for sharing desktop stuff over http and web services, I think we can share a lot of work for both desktops.

I had the pleasure to see again Jeff and Pia Waugh from Linux Australia, and Bdale Garbee from HP, I went to see the Picasso Museum and had a lunch with them and Petter  Reinholdtsen, and another person from Burkina Faso which name I’ve forgotten, sorry. It was very difficult to follow the conversation, since it is the first time that I listened english for mor than 2 hours or so, but anyways, it was one of the best days of my life, because I don’t have the opportunity to talk with the people behind the projects that I love every day.

And of course, see Juanje again, who I really missed the last months.

Jeff and Pia gave me a really cool present, a rocking kangaroo from Australia, his name is Perky!

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